About Us

Xotic Mushrooms was founded by passionate Mushroom enthusiasts from Melbourne, dedicated to the intricacies and benefits of fungi.


After a decade-long journey exploring pharmaceutical solutions with limited success, it was discovered that over 90% of pharmaceutical medications are either made from or derived from mushrooms/fungi. A deep dive into available products revealed a concerning trend: many medicinal mushrooms and tinctures on the market originate from mushrooms grown in China. These products often utilize the mushroom substrate from rice/wheat, bypassing the fruiting bodies to cut costs. This method limits the benefits and, with mushrooms requiring pure oxygen for growth, mushrooms from regions with polluted air can introduce undesirable elements. Various public studies and tests indicate that some of these imported powders might do more harm than good.


Identifying this gap in the market, we committed our resources to establish a state-of-the-art vertical farm just 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD. This initiative ensures that restaurants and retailers are supplied with fresh, 100% Australian-made produce. Given that Australia proudly boasts some of the world's cleanest air, cultivating gourmet and medicinal mushrooms here aligns perfectly with our commitment to quality.


We take pride in growing our gourmet and exotic mushrooms on 100% organic substrate, all sourced from Queensland, Australia. Our range encompasses 14 diverse varieties of exotic/gourmet mushrooms, with plans to expand our offerings.


We invite you to experience the distinct quality of our mushrooms. Believing that everyone should have the chance to enjoy them, we're more than happy to provide free samples for those new to our products.

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